Braces That Help You Support Your Dog

Injury, Disease, and Aging Can Make it Difficult For Your Dog to Walk. Using a Brace Can Support Both You and Your Pet Appropriately. 

Whether your pet needs support because of injury, disease, surgery, or aging; you are not alone in the search for ways to support your pets while they go about their daily activities. A safe and sturdy solution that not only protects your pet, but also the you the pet-parent, is using a body brace with handles. Balto USA provides pet parents with 3 different lifts to help your pet stay mobile. Choosing a brace with a reliable structure and compression padding decreases risk of injury and promotes the best healing.
There are a variety of bracing options to choose from, tailored to your pet’s injury: 
  • The Body Lift – Rear Harness Support is a an extremely practical brace for use at home, going on walks, and even rehabilitation. This brace helps them achieve mobility by supporting their weight and provides two rigid splints giving them that firm stability they need. 
  • The Balto Life - Hip Dysplasia Brace is used for compressing the hips to help increase blood flow. Increased blood flow throughout the hips effectively reduces stiffness, relaxes the muscles, and diminishes pain. While it compresses the hips, it can also be used for hind end support. With these features paired together, this brace makes a great option for keeping your dog mobile. 
  • The Balto Body Lift – Body Lift with Handles is used for compressing the proximal area of the spinal column. With two (removable) lateral splints this brace offers maximum stabilization and full body lifting capabilities for your own dog or patients you might need to move through a veterinary setting. 
Keeping your dog mobile during the recovery process is important not only for their musculoskeletal system, but their mental health as well. Therefore, keeping your dog moving is a must. A great way to strengthen your dog’s musculoskeletal system is going on slow and short walks over the recovery period. If your dog is needing some extra support on these walks, Balto USA offers some braces that lift your dog and help take some of the stress of the injured area. Reducing the amount of stress your dog experiences while recovering is key. Not only do these braces help with recovery, but they also can prevent injuries, help with arthritis, and promote healthy healing and rehabilitation.