About our products

Yes, all braces include the anchor kits when applicable.

Although our braces are not custom fit braces, Balto USA provides you with several sizing choices.

On each product’s page there will be a sizing guide. Use the sizing guide to find the most appropriate size for your pet. If you are having trouble with the measurements, feel free to reach out to one of our customer service specialists or your licensed veterinarian for assistance. Unfortunately, some pets will fall in between sizes. When this happens, you should always go with the smaller size, as bracing devices should be snug and apply compression. Compression helps with increasing the blood flow in the injured area and in response causes reduced swelling and discomfort.

Signs that your brace might be too large include “gapping” between the brace and your pet, sliding, and twisting of the brace. Signs that your brace might be too small might include chaffing, erythema, or discomfort. If you notice any of these signs happening, please reach out to one of our customer service specialists for assistance.

No, bracing is most effective when used in conjunction with surgery. This includes presurgical support, weight loss management, and in cases when surgery is not an option due to the health or age of the animal. Bracing also helps postsurgical by either limiting range of motion, or encouraging healthy joint movements, providing compression to help with pain and swelling, limits further risk, promotes healing, and provides confidence in mobility.

Keep the skin and hair that comes into contact with the brace clean and make sure to remove any excess hair from the brace (and Velcro) after each use.

Wear & care for your brace

• Allow up to two weeks for your pet to fully adjust to the brace.

• Wear the brace for 30 minutes a day, increasing 30 minutes each day after that, for up to 12

• Consult your veterinarian for specific instructions on when, and for how long, your pet should wear the brace.

• Inspect your pet for signs of rubbing or skin irritation. If any are present, contact your

• Remove the brace when your pet sleeps at night.

• The brace should not be worn if your dog is unsupervised.

• Prior to washing, take out the splints and remove any excess hair, dirt, etc. from the brace.

• Carefully hand wash the brace with warm water and a gentle, diluted soap.

• Allow the brace to fully air-dry before reapplying the brace to avoid irritation to your pet’s

Excessive use, harsh cleaning, or accumulation of hair, dirt, etc. can wear down the materials of
the brace.

• Wipe the brace clean after every use and remove excess hair, dirt, etc. from the brace.

• Keep any skin or hair that encounters the brace clean.


Balto USA offers USPS First Class Mail shipping to the contiguous U.S. only. At this time, we do not ship internationally. Please reach out to our customer service representatives for any additional questions.

Processing of an order takes 1-2 days (orders placed over the weekend ship the following Monday). After processing is complete, shipping typically takes 3-4 business days for orders shipping within the USA and 6-10 days for orders shipping to Canada.

Please allow Balto® USA up to 2 business days for order processing. Once your order has been processed, you should receive it within 3-5 business days. There will be a shipping fee of $10.00 per order. 

If for any reason delivery is confirmed by the carrier and the product cannot be found, a police report must be filed before a replacement is sent. If the product is lost by the carrier, Balto USA will file a claim and a replacement will be sent.


Promotion Return Policy: The purchase of any Balto USA product(s) using a promotional code(s) must additionally abide by the Balto USA Promotional Return Policy requirements. If a return is requested, the customer can: a) return promotional item(s) in their original, undamaged packaging with the return of their Balto USA product(s) purchase or b) return only the purchased Balto USA product(s) and have market price of the promotional item(s)* deducted from the refund of payment. In the event that the returned promotional item(s) are found used or damaged upon receiving, the market price of the promotional item(s)* will be deducted from the return of payment.

Returns, Exchanges & Warranty

Fitting and sizing support are provided for 30 days at no additional cost. After 30 days, Balto USA is no longer responsible for any refunds or exchanges needed. If for any reason delivery is confirmed by the carrier and the product cannot be found, a claim must be filed with the carrier before a replacement can be sent. Services may be necessary for reasons such as changes in your pet's physical condition, functional capabilities, or wear and fit of the device. The warranty becomes VOID if the device has been independently adjusted or altered, has excessive hair, wear, dirt, and/or has soiling.

If for any reason delivery is confirmed by the carrier and the product cannot be found, a police report must be filed before a replacement is sent. If the product is lost by the carrier, Balto USA will file a claim and a replacement will be sent.

If the packaging is damaged, there will be a 10% restocking fee deducted from that product's refund.

Once the product reaches the purchaser, Balto USA reserves the right to refuse a full refund. Balto USA will accept returns or requests for refunds for any product within 30 days after receipt of product. Refunds will only be honored if during the initial fitting the product is determined to be a poor fit, function, and/or the
product is affecting the health or healing of the patient. Visual inspection may be required. The brace must be in resale condition to receive a refund.

This means that the brace cannot have hair, wear, dirt, and/or no modifications can have been made to the brace. If the packaging is damaged there will be a 10% restocking fee deducted from that product's refund. After we receive the brace back, we will evaluate its condition and then issue a refund.  Balto USA does not offer refunds for refusal from your pet to wear the product. If the purchaser simply does not want to use the device for reasons other than described above, Balto USA will not issue a refund.

Balto USA will cover the cost of return shipping for exchanges only. Once your request has been accepted, a return mailing label will be sent to your email. To contact a Balto USA representative, please email

Start your return/exchange request here.

See “FAQ: Where do you ship” for shipping information.

Customer Support


Most insurance companies will reimburse you for a our bracing devices as as long as it is recommended by your veterinarian. However, be sure to contact your insurance company before purchasing the brace to verify your individual coverage.

Once your veterinarian has recommended a bracing device and you have contacted your insurance company regarding your coverage, you may go ahead and make your purchase. Be sure to keep a copy of the invoice as well as any doctor's notes or prescriptions to upload with your claim. Once your claim has been submitted, your insurance company will reimburse you depending on your coverage.

No, we do not need a copy of your prescription. However, your insurance might require doctor's notes and/or a prescription for the bracing device.

Please contact your insurance company directly for specific questions related to exchanges and returns as they differ.


Contact our customer service team to get the bracing support you need.