Waiting for Surgery? Reduce the Risk of Further Injury with Bracing Devices

balto up brace on a cute dog looking out beyond the water

My Pet Is Waiting for Surgery, How Do Bracing Devices Work? 

There are many reasons why pet parents have a lapse in time after injury and before a surgical procedure: waiting for an open surgery date, saving up for the funds needed to perform the surgery, or if the pet has a medical constraint (such as a low platelet count). Waiting for pets to undergo surgery can be daunting and allows a window of opportunity for the injury to worsen. Bracing devices are known to support pets in the interim between injury and surgery.

How Do Bracing Devices Work?

Starting off with a bracing intervention sooner rather than later can provide pre-surgical support for the joints, alleviate discomfort, allow the patient to maintain their muscle strength, and provides a quicker recovery after surgery. Bracing is also comfortable, typically easy to apply, and has a fast turnaround time.

As the bracing device provides compression and stability, the patient can become more aware of the injury as it provides different neuromuscular feedback.  There is a wide variety of bracing options for different injuries, even braces that can support the weight of the pet such as the Balto Up – Rear Harness Support.

Keeping dogs mobile during the interim between injury and surgery is important not only for their musculoskeletal system, but their mental health as well.  The Balto Up is an extremely practical brace for use at home, going on walks, and even rehabilitation. This brace helps them achieve mobility by supporting their weight and provides two rigid splints giving them that firm stability they need.

Can Supplements be Used Along with Bracing?

Supplementation can also be used alongside bracing to help maintain muscle strength. When pets begin to lose muscle mass, it places much more mechanical strain on the joints, exacerbating cartilage loss. Cartilage loss results in bone-on-bone contact leading to pain, swelling, inflammation, and ultimately decreased range of motion (ROM). This chain reaction can be stalled by strengthening the muscles to place less strain on the joints. MYOS Canine and Feline Muscle Formulas contains Fortetropin®, a natural bioactive composition made from 100% from pasteurized, fertilized chicken egg yolks.

Fortetropin® works by inhibiting the enzyme, myostatin, which is responsible for inhibiting muscle growth. With MYOS. muscle mass can be preserved with limited amounts of physical activity, such as when a dog or cat is suffering from injury, recovering from a surgical procedure, or struggling with old age. Due to the simplicity of the ingredients list: eggs, this supplement can also be used with pets that might have adverse food reactions.