Who Is Balto® Bracing?

balto body lift brace on border collie

What Makes Balto® Bracing for Pets Different Than The Other Guys? From the family behind the story of Balto Orthopedics.

Balto® braces are the brand property of JOYVET SRL, an Italian company founded and sited in Verona, North of Italy. Thanks to over 15 years of experience in the medical sector for human orthoses, and our passion for animals; in 2013 we decided to bring our knowledge to the veterinary field. That was the flame that gave birth to Balto®. With help from the beginning from veterinarians, we started to create some orthopedic products to help dogs and cats during the recovery process, or in cases of pathologies where they were not suitable for surgery.

The feedback was immediately positive from other veterinarians and pet owners. That pushed us to develop increasingly cutting-edge products, in ways to meet the animals’ needs and to be a necessary tool for veterinarians to increase the quality and the result of their job. Year after year JOYVET SRL increased the range of Balto braces, developing more technological products.

What Makes Balto® Different?

Today, Balto® is a high-quality brand in the veterinary field of orthopedic braces for dogs and cats, 100% handmade in Italy. Compared with other competitors, Balto® braces have unique features. For lack of a better term, most of the products available on the market today are cheap, and made of Neoprene. This type of material, in direct contact with skin for long periods of times, can cause odor, irritation, and more. We didn’t want that for Balto®, so our braces are made using high-quality fabric composing of three different soft materials which avoid problems usually caused by cheap fabric such as bacterial and fungal infections.

We also use rigid components in the braces by using metal instead of plastic. These metal parts (necessary to stabilize the affected area) are lightweight and covered by fabric so that they do not come into direct contact with the skin. This allows support to the affected area, without creating any irritation. Our vision now is to become a reference point for veterinarians and owners all over the World, giving them an instrument to improve the lives of our four-legged friends.