Bracing Tales from Vets

Dog Braces Commonly Used in Veterinary Rehabilitation

Considering an orthopedic brace for your cat or dog can be a big decision, but high-quality brace really can be impactful to your pet’s ability to complete their day-to-day activities with ease. It is always recommended to consult a veterinarian for fit and appropriateness when it comes to bracing devices for your pet. Hear from a few veterinarians below on how effective bracing was for a number of their patients.


golden retriever wearing balto jump brace

He was diagnosed with a severe CCL tear on his right knee, as an alternative to surgery our vet, Dr. Melissa, recommended trying this brace for anytime he is out of the crate as well as when we introduce short walks back into his recovery plan. 

He has now been using the brace for just about a month now and initially he was unsure of the brace and we did have to modify it as a female strapping sequence (just making sure to not obstruct his urethra) in order to have it stay on but it is working great and he is able move freely and it allows us to give him some time out of the crate without worrying he will injure his knee tear further. 

We have been very happy with the brace and the customer service of the company is awesome! We initially ordered a size that was too big and they worked with us to get the right size and were so nice and helpful along the way! 

Thank you again, so much for all your help! I really do appreciate it! 

- Veterinary Hospital Owner & Veterinarian


pug wearing balto brace for shoulder

“Jake” is a 13.5 year old male neutered Pug. 

He presented to Milliken Animal Clinic on 10/15/2019 for severe arthritis and instability to his right shoulder. Patient has significant arthritis to all four limbs, being treated with pain management and acupuncture. Radiographs were taken and sent to orthopedic specialist to evaluate. Due to his age and overall condition owner did not want to do any type of surgical procedure; so getting a brace was the only hope we had for him. Jake started with the brace on for 2 hours a day for 3 days. The owner reported that he started walking more within the first three days. His progress has since continued to be remarkable day by day, as we’ve seen the brace provide Jake with the stability he needs, and after two weeks we started using laser treatment on top of the brace use, and he is like a puppy again, and wants his brace on every day!!

- Office Manager, Animal Clinic, Colorado


Precious came in limping and was found to have a cranial crucial tear in her right knee. Because of her age as well as budgetary limitations, she was not a good candidate for surgery, so a brace and good pain management with medications and laser therapy were chosen as an alternative option.

Upon the arrival of her brace, she appeared to have a significantly worse limp in her left hindlimb. Many times when a dog tears one cruciate ligament, they will tear the cruciate ligament in the opposite leg as well, which was what happened in Precious's case. We opted to place a brace on her left leg instead of the initial right she was presented for. She appears so much happier with the brace on.

- Veterinarian on Balto USA

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