Choosing Balto Braces for Your Veterinary Hospital’s Needs

balto dog brace for vets to use

Go-To Balto Braces To Stock in Your Veterinary Hospital or Clinic

Working in a veterinary hospital is typically fast-paced, and having all the necessary tools and resources available helps to provide efficient solutions for a patient’s best outcome. Bracing devices can be used around a veterinary hospital to help optimize time and protect your patients from further injury.

Why Should I Choose Balto USA Braces for My Veterinary Hospital?

Balto USA braces are a line of ready-to-wear canine and feline orthopedic braces that are designed specifically to aid by supporting the affected bones, joints, ligaments, and muscles in healthy movements, and dispersing body weight to help prevent further injury. Unlike some lower quality braces, these are made using a soft, breathable fabric, rather than Neoprene, and aluminum splints for support and rigidity. Neoprene is known for its lack of support, it’s lack of antimicrobial qualities, and traps moisture close to the skin - potentially harboring dangerous bacterial and fungal infections. The aluminum splints in each brace keep them light while providing maximum stability to the affected area. These splints are also removable, which allows the brace to double as a compression brace. Balto USA braces can also be worn during X-rays as they are radiolucent; allowing veterinarians to take radiographs without the hassle of having to remove the brace, and potentially causing further injury. Radiolucent simply means that these braces are transparent during X-rays.

What Balto USA Braces Should You Stock in Your Veterinary Hospital? 

The Balto Bone – Fracture Brace is primarily used as an alternative to common splints and casts that treat fractures in the front leg, or injuries to the radius, ulna, or carpus. This brace consists of three adjustable aluminum splints that help to stabilize the affected area; similar to how a splint or cast would.


The Balto Bone is also an ideal brace to have stored in any veterinary hospital for quick stabilization of the radius, ulna, or carpus when an emergency has occurred. This brace can be easily removed and replaced for follow-up appointments and can also be worn during X-rays while the affected area heals.

Furthermore, the Balto Bone can also be utilized for supporting a positional intravenous catheter in the cephalic vein or to protect bandaging.

When using the Balto Bone we recommend combining it with the Balto Joint - Carpal Compression Brace for contralateral support. Contralateral support is important because overcompensation for the affected limb can lead to another serious injury and sometimes even be debilitating. Making sure to protect the healthy joints, ligaments, and muscles during recovery allows for better outcomes and happier pets.



Another brace to keep stocked in your veterinary hospital is the Balto Body Lift – Body Harness with Handles. This brace is designed for injuries or diseases that affect the spinal column and allows you to stabilize and maneuver them easily throughout a veterinary hospital. The brace uses two, lateral splints to compress the proximal area of the spinal column while still allowing patients to eliminate naturally. This brace provides adjustable and removable handles which allows support for either partial or full body weight when needed.