Why Is Muscle Health Important for Dogs?

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Why Fortetropin Is So Important for Your Pet’s Health and Recovery

Whether your dog is recovering from a surgical procedure or just getting older, their muscle health is important and is vital to their longevity and quality of life. Although keeping muscle on a recovering or older dog can be challenging, there are supplements that can help.

Why Is Muscle Health Important?

  • Longevity – Veterinary research shows that dogs with decreased muscle mass have a reduced life span. Furthermore, this research shows that pets with a lower muscle mass are less likely to survive chronic diseases such as heart failure.
  • Quality of Life – Muscle plays a vital role in movement. Therefore, playing a game of “fetch” or taking a long walk requires healthy muscle movement.
  • Bone Health – Muscle produces and secretes hormones needed to maintain good bone health. The forces exerted against bone, by muscle, help maintain bone density.
  • Energy Metabolism – Muscle plays a crucial role in energy metabolism.

When dogs begin to lose muscle mass, it places much more mechanical strain on the joints which exacerbates the process of cartilage loss. Cartilage loss results in bone-on-bone contact leading to pain, swelling, inflammation, and ultimately decreased range of motion (ROM). Therefore, strengthening the muscles places less strain on the joints.

What is Fortetropin®?

Fortetropin® is a natural bioactive composition made 100% from pasteurized, fertilized chicken egg yolks. They are high-pressure pasteurized and freeze-dried into a palatable powdered formula, MYOS Canine Muscle Formula (also available for felines). The chickens used are fed a healthy diet which includes a non-GMO, antibiotic-free and hormone-free feed. Due to the simplicity of the ingredients list (just eggs), this supplement can also be used with dogs who might have adverse food reactions.

Fortetropin® works by inhibiting the enzyme, myostatin. Myostatin is responsible for inhibiting muscle growth. Therefore, when your dog is injured, recovering from a surgical procedure, or struggling with old age, muscle mass can be preserved without much physical activity.

The best part about Fortetropin® is that is scientifically proven by clinical trials and veterinarian recommended.